Jani Taskinen writes:
> On Sun, 11 Mar 2001, Lars Torben Wilson wrote:
> >Now, it's Sunday morning, I just crawled out of my nice warm bed, and
> >I haven't finished my first cup of bad coffee yet--but if
> Have that cup of coffee first.. :)
> >  Duplicate == Repeated information, and
> >  Repeated Information == Useless Bug Report, and
> >  Useless Bug Report == Bogus,
> This is why I added the bogus status. Duplicate != useless.
> Sometimes duplicates add more info to the original report,
> e.g. better gdb backtraces.
> >does not, therefore:
> >
> >  Duplicate == Bogus?
> >And both Duplicate and Bogus mean that the bug report is dead and
> >shouldn't be touched (I tend to agree with Stas on this one):
> Duplicate: Same bug but from different submitter.
>            They have also the right to know if bug is fixed.
> Bogus    : e.g. A report submitted (accidently) twice. Or some
>            empty report without enough info..spam..etc.

OK, that makes a lot more sense, thanks. 
> >Just wondering...and this is just an addled early-morning
> >thought...what would be the downside of have a very simple Open/Closed
> >flag field for each report, along with a status modifier field of
> >Duplicate, Analyzed, Bogus, etc.
> Well..we are currently designing the new bug system. And it will
> be more powerful than the current one. And it'll be much easier
> to modify and add new features than the current one is.. :)
> --Jani

Wicked. Lemme know if you need someone to write the docs for it.

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