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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Math related
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Yes it is. 
This bug report is about the same 'problem': #8164
And it has an url to a page that explains this better
than I can. :)


Previous Comments:

[2001-03-12 01:12:17] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
i dont think thats the same is it. Because all I am doing is a simple subtraction 

Additionally the output comes perfect if the result is greater than 100 but does not 
come perfect if the output is lesser than 100


[2001-03-12 00:45:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Check the last comment on bug: #9288



[2001-03-12 00:41:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please check

In case (1) I subtract a number from another which should output '0.9' but insted 
outputs '0.90000000000009'

In case (2) I subtract a number from another and it gives correct output

This behaviour has been noticed if the result of the subtraction is greater than 100. 
I have also published my PHPINFO output on the same page for your reference.

This bug is quite dangerous (especially for us when we are dealing with financial 
calculations for our payment gateway using PHP) since all our reports dont tally at 
the end of the day by tiny figures such as this.


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