I tried the following (command line):

print $a;

and it didn't crash.

Are you sure this reproduces a crash for you? On which platform? And any 
other information you can give us.


At 03:27 AM 3/15/2001 +0100, André Langhorst wrote:
>Hi have found an interesting behaviour, watch below...
>What are we assigning 4 here to? The first question is, should we allow 
>this? I think no, references to non-existing variables should be 
>disallowed (although Zend allows a lot, this is no good).
>This is not even a reference to a variable, which could have been 
>magically created, named ${''} or another undefined variable, let's say $b...
>I tried to simply do a
>echo $a;
>afterwards and wow!!! It works, sometimes! Intermittently PHP crashes, 
>without reasons, in this case I put this code below by accident
>function strlens($string)    { return $string; }
>echo '<PRE>';
>echo '</PRE>';
>I do not know what this crash relates to what made me assuming Zend 
>randomly corrupted some memory using this undefined behaviour? If I put a 
>die() below the echo it works in any case...
>+1 disallowing this or modifying behaviour that it does nothing or 
>anything else but referencing to nirvana
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