AL>> $foobar->rfoo=&$a;
AL>> $foobar->r2foo=&$foobar->rfoo;
AL>> $foobar->rfoo=4;
AL>> What are we assigning 4 here to?

To all three of them, which are all reference-bound.

AL>> The first question is, should we allow this? I think no,
AL>> references to non-existing variables should be disallowed
AL>> (although Zend allows a lot, this is no good).

There's no such thing anyway - when variable needed (inlcuding taking it's
address for referencing) it's created.

AL>> I tried to simply do a
AL>> echo $a;
AL>> afterwards and wow!!! It works, sometimes! Intermittently PHP crashes,
AL>> without reasons, in this case I put this code below by accident

For me, it works each and every time. But I'm on Linux.
Stanislav Malyshev, Zend Products Engineer
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