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Status: Analyzed
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
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First, PHP include() is in no way related or was promised to
relate to C preprocessor directives, so no wonder it behaves

Now, all relative pathes are resolved against the current
directory of the including script (which is the directory
where it's located). This is a known issue. Use
include_pathes in the meantime.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-10 16:45:48] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Here is an example of how relative paths are currently resolved with cascading 
inclusions (command line is 'php /home/joe/a.php'):

File '/home/joe/a.php':
    # this include works as expected, 
    # locating '/home/joe/include/'
    include_once( 'include/' );

File '/home/joe/include/':
    # this include will assume '/home/joe/', but
    # not '/home/joe/include/', as one may expect =(
    include_once( '' );

File '/home/joe/include/':
    echo 'hello';

The way all four functions [require(), require_once(), include(), include_once()] 
resolve relative paths is counter-intuitive and unproductive with large directory 
structures, because some trickery is required to fix this problem. Not to mention that 
it hurts to see a different behavior from C-preprocessor #include directives.

If you don't believe me, then see comments to the include() function...


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