>> We are talking about all four functions here, not just include().
>> The resemblance of require() to the #include directive, as
>> documented:
>> <quote>The require() statement replaces itself with the specified
>> file, much like the C preprocessor's #include works.</quote>

Well, huh - not a good quote. Escpecially that from PHP 4.0.3 IIRC it
doesn't work this way and require is basically the same as include. I
though it wasn't there, sorry. Manual seems to be somewhat back from the
PHP current position.

>> If it's a "known issue", are there any plans to fix it?

Well, depends on what you call "plans". If "it'd be good if it was fixed"
- yes. If "we know how to fix it and will do it tomorrow" - not yet. At
least not for me. If someone does know, he's welcome to share :)

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