On several occasions I had to install php with oci8 on redhat Linux (6.2)
with different versions of apache 1.12 - 1.17 with Oracle 8.1.6 client .
Every single time I get the same thing. Apache shows no errors, the apache
start script shows no errors but dies without an error. This only happens
when the oci8 extension is enabled.I've tried anything I could. I've put the
oracle variables in any place I could think of (except one) in the
environment rc files, in httpd.conf file with SetEnv directives and in the
apachestl file. The variables I export are ORACLE_HOME LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
ORACLE_SID . Can someone tell me what condition would cause oci8 to die. I'm
I doing something wrong. It's been many hours and I'm getting frustrated.

I've tried the following things
 Oracle Client 8.1.3 + Apache 1.17 | Apache 1.19 + Php 4.0.4pl1 | Php
 Oracle Client 8.1.2 + Apache 1.14-5 (comes with RedHat 6.2) | Apache 1.19 +
Php 4.0.4pl1

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