ID: 8661
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Analyzed
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Description: a copy of the internal array elements is sometimes not made

I don't agree with this.  The zend engine only does a shallow copy in this particular 
instance, and it is a bug.  If the array is not accessed through a method in the 
object, the copy is performed correctly.  Please re-analyze this.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-15 09:20:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Zend copies arrays and objects "shallow" (for performance
reasons). The workaround is to implement "clone" method.
This probably should be built-in function in Zend. 


[2001-02-28 00:21:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
My bad, my email address is [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Please detail on a fix for this bug.



[2001-01-11 16:55:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The workaround that I have had to implement is doing an explicit clone method (similar 
to a copy constructor) and when making a copy, say

$new = $old->clone();

instead of 
$new = $old;

example implementation:

class Element
   var $value;
   function &clone()
      $obj = new Element();
      $obj=>value = $this->value;
class X
  var $array;
  function &clone()
    $obj = new X();
    foreach($this->array as $index => $value)
       $obj->array[$index] = $value->clone();

    return $obj;


[2001-01-11 16:46:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Yes, this is the same, if I change the method to
do_nothing() in the Element class and print out a message,
the same behavior happens.  The behavior is that if I call a method on an array object 
after the array has been copied, the copy now refers to the original.  Also, if the 
method is called on the original object, the copy is then linked with the original.


[2001-01-11 16:41:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This might be the same as 8130, but I'm not sure.


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