Hi Bug,

It was a bug of 4.0.3plX version, with 4.0.4 it seems to be OK.

Friday, March 16, 2001, 4:42:59 PM, you wrote:

BD> ID: 8053
BD> Updated by: kalowsky
BD> Old-Status: Open
BD> Status: Feedback
BD> Bug Type: PostgreSQL related
BD> Assigned To: 
BD> Comments:

BD> I'm unable to reproduce this locally, if you could please provide some more 
information, or try a newer version and see if this continues.

BD> As far as the mysql bit is concerned, the flag --without-mysql will help.  

BD> Marking this as feedback until we hear otherwise.  

BD> Previous Comments:
BD> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

BD> [2000-11-30 09:45:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
BD> I try to configure PHP4 for work with PostgreSQL server (v7.0.2) with

BD> the following line:

BD> ./configure --with-apache=../apache --with-mod_charset --enable-bcmath 

BD> --enable-calendar --enable-sockets --enable-ftp --with-pgsql

BD> After running this, I find in log, that detection of PGSQL failed.

BD> config.log contains:

BD> gcc -o conftest -g -O2 conftest.c -L/usr/local/pgsql/include -lpq  -l

-lm -lcrypt 1>>&5

BD> This line is incorrect, and I don't know, why $LIBS is formed in such

BD> way.

BD> I have PostgreSQL installed at /usr/local/pgsql in standart

BD> configuration. Version of FreeBSD used is a 4.0-Release.

BD> PS I haven't MySQL, but PHP4 tries to process libmysql directory make.

BD> It is correct ?

PPS FreeBSD >>=4.0 HAS pthread library. But it must be included as a

BD> -lpthread. Your configure doesn't detect this library (at least on my

BD> machine).

BD> PPPS Sorry for my worst english.

BD> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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                        Best regards

                        Dmitry S. Zlygin,
                        Step Ltd, Pavlovo, Russia
                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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