Title: Click Here To Visit Our Site at www.mewsoft.com

Dear Mewsoft Customer,

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The First Multi-Lingual Auction Software

We Guarantee to setup and run your auction site in 20 minutes from your order

Click Here To Visit Our Site at www.mewsoft.com

Now only 50% off and Free Installation

See our Live Demo and Customers Live Sites

Click Here To Visit Our Site at www.mewsoft.com

50% Discount - for a limited time only and free installation.

Run your own Auction Site now in 20 Minutes

Mewsoft Auction is a real time Multilingual, auction software. Complete ecommerce solution.  

Fully customizable from the web based administration interface. Customization can be done through the online template editor or editing the template with any html editor. Every thing that you imagined you need, is already built in to the package for you. Compare our software features and prices with those of other similar software that cost $100,000 and more!. We sincerely believe that prohibitive costs should not stop any one from testing & trying his/her luck. With this in mind, we decided our price should be affordable to just about everyone - individuals and small companies included. Mewsoft Auction Software tested at 300,000 lots without change in the program speed and virtually it is unlimited in its database capacity.

50% Discount - for a limited time only.

We guarantee to setup and have your auction site running within 20 minutes from the time your order is processed. Join the online business community within minutes!

Software General Features:

  • Full accounting system for users and administration.
  • Built in file locking system for all platforms and using binary DBM fast database system.
  • Built in HTML editor in auction submission form for users.
  • Images and Files upload for users so you host their files and charge for it (i.e. You run your own image host service).
  • Different options to charge users: insertion fees, featured home, featured category, image and file upload, title, gift icon, reserve, buy, final value fees, charge for registration, charge fixed value for insertion.
  • Links for New, Hot, Cool, Going, Featured, and Big Ticket auctions in each category and all categories
  • Feedback forum for users to rate and leave comments on each other.
  • HTML template based for easy customization to any look.
  • All program functions are controlled and customized from the admin center.
  • No programming experience is needed to control the software, only very little html knowledge to do your own html template customization (changing colors, inserting your links and images or else).
  • Fully automated. Automatically closes auctions, resubmit auctions, sending emails for all users activities, billing and fees.
  • Showing featured auctions with thumbnail images on home page and on each category.
  • Database export to any spreadsheet program (Excel, MS word, ...).

Why Choose Mewsoft Auction Software: 

  • You get the source code of the program installed on your server and you have full control over everything.
  • Real time credit card processing with direct interface to most merchant account providers
  • Supports Integration of your other programs and scripts.
  • Billing system for charging users for registration, selling, featured, gift icons, and many other services.
  • Totally customizable layout & design to match your site design, html template based.
  • Competitive Pricing. Free upgrades for the same version releases (DBM and SQL). 
  • Automated free upgrade system through the admin interface. Stable & guaranteed features. 
  • New features are added regularly. 
  • Easy to configure and install Free technical support at our support forum.
  • BidFind.com Compatible.
  • Built in SSI interface, so you can run any other programs and include the output in the templates. 

Requirements to run Auction Software: 

Possibly, the most important factor in Mewsoft Auction Software is that it requires no special SSI software to operate. It has been written in such a way that it works on both Unix as well as Windows NT server platforms. The following is a list of requirements:

  • A Web site, hosted either on Unix or on Windows NT Server.

  • Perl 5.003 or higher installed on server.

  • 3MB disk space for auction Software source code only.

  • SMTP server or any other mail program (sendmail, blat, windmail).

  • About 3MB disk space for each 1000 records.

Auction Software User Functions & Utilities:

  • Online registration with confirmation email after registration.

  • Users can edit profile at anytime. Confirmation email following the changes.

  • Emails after any user activity, bidding, out bid, wining, closed auctions and more.

  • Full accounting system with details on each transaction of the user activities

  • Feedback forum for rating other users and leaving comments in their profiles

  • Searching all the auctions or specific category and filtering the results by country.

  • Browsing only New, Cool, Hot, Featured, Big Ticket, and Going auctions.

  • Uploading images and files when submitting auctions.

  • Built in html editor in the auction submission page

  • Displaying thumbnail image besides the item in the listing and browsing pages.

  • Cookie system to track the users and save their default login and preferences.

  • Log off option to delete the cookies and saved preferences.

  • Easy Menu Navigation for user help system for all auction services.

  • Users can choose Item title color/format with additional fees.

  • Users can add Gift Icon to his/her item with additional fees.

  • Users can choose to pay for Featured Homepage or Featured category auctions.

  • Detailed email confirmation after submission of items.

  • Preview bid & cost - view bid results before placing the actual bid.

  • Place bid, Out bid, Winner and Looser email confirmation.

  • History page displays all bids on any items, since it was posted.

  • High Bidders page display all current high bids on items.

  • Option to resubmit their items automatically if not sold.

  • Search capability on home page and on individual category pages.

  • Search keywords are colored or surrounded with specific style.

  • Search by titles or by multiple word descriptions.

  • Matched categories displayed in search results as links for quick jumps.

  • Sort listings and search results by title, bids, quantity, close time or price.

  • Welcome message for all users.

  • Options to upload images or midi files and link to external homepage.

  • Support for Dutch Auctions (Multiple items auctions).

  • Support for buy and reserve price on items posted.

  • Featured items displayed with an icon.

  • New, Cool, and Hot items icons to show rated items.

  • More features listed on our site, please check the demo and the customers sites.

Auction Software Administration Functions & Utilities:

  • All Admin functions are accessible through the web based administration center.
  • On line system configuration, template & script editor.
  • Create unlimited categories and sub categories levels.
  • Option to charge users for registration, and set the amount to charge using real time credit card processing or manual.
  • Option to charge users for submitting auctions, gift icons, featured homepage, featured category, upload files, and more.
  • Option to charge only Fixed price for auctions submitted.
  • Edit, Delete, Display and/or Turn on/off a category or any sub-category any time.
  • Choose the display mode for the categories and respective descriptions under them.
  • Set permission of any category or sub-category to accept or not, bulk submissions by the user.
  • Rename categories at any time in the language created.
  • Choose information to be displayed under category heads(i.e. description, group of its sub categories, both, or none).
    Default language selection by the admin.
  • Create real time Language translators for the user to select and translate them easily online.
  • Category Tree function to display all categories and subcategories in tree form for easier navigation.
  • Option to allow or disallow users to upload files, file types as well as restrict maximum size of a single file and/or total of all files.
  • Option to set the number of items to display per page.
  • Option to set the maximum length for lot title and description.
  • Option to set the time for new items to display with New icon.
  • Option to set the number of bids for items to display with Cool and/or Hot icon.
  • Option to set the time before auction close to display Yellow or Red warning light.
  • Control the number of category columns, vertical and horizontal spaces between them.
  • Turn on or off display of categories count at anytime.
  • Option to display category icons of your choice or none at all.
  • Choose the Guide bar and sub categories teaser separators.
  • Setup users help system designed in the form of an indexed book to add help pages at anytime.
  • Create and edit custom plug-ins and subroutines online with the Integration Editor and/or Integrate other program or subroutines into the body of the main program with online editor.
  • Backup only the selected directories and choose the backup programs available.
  • Online Commander, to run Telnet commands from the browser.
  • Lock Access option to prevent access to the site while upgrading or billing with custom message.
  • Utilities for testing server configuration and setting files and directories permissions.
  • Mail manager to create, add, manage user groups and mailing lists.
  • Setup the lots period and the basic insertion fess for each or unlimited periods.
  • Setup the percentage fees, Insertion fees & final value of percentage fees.
  • Setup reserve price.
  • Users manager to manage users accounts online.
  • Auction Manager to manage closed and archived auctions online.
  • Crontab program to automate auctions close, resubmit, billing system based on any predetermined time period.
  • Setup the discount on the percentage fees for every lots period in auto resubmit.
  • Create billing report as well as printable billing report for any period in ascii delimited database file.
  • Custom email messages in every language using any of the popular e-mail programs available - sendmail, blat, windmail or a SMTP server.
  • Make any number of templates and translate them easily to any language.
  • Option to display total categories count, total items count, total featured Homepage items count & total featured in each category items count.
  • Options for featured lots on Homepage or categories and its additional cost fees.
  • Customize how search keywords appear in search results - color, bold or any other html tag.
  • Choose to allow safe html in lots submissions, remove any html or show it as text only.
  • Extract emails from all subscribers to all the categories and Alert registered users.
  • Setup payments methods and credit cards types.
  • Admin option to require credit card for registration with verification system.
  • Real time Credit card processing system with most providers.
  • Setup the number of times for users to choose to automatically resubmit lots that is not sold.
  • Support for shipping/handling field for each lot.
  • Automated support for Dutch auctions (items with multiple quantities).
  • Setup Feedback forms for users, directed to their specified email addresses.
  • Online database manager for platform independency for ASCII backup and load.
  • Direct interface with BidFind.com, the largest aggregator of online auction data.
  • Run SSI commands directly from inside the templates.
  • More efficient, more scalable, binary and SQL databases.
  • More features are listed on our site, please check the demo and the customers sites.

Click Here To Visit Our Site at www.mewsoft.com

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