This webpage is what I'm using to install php4 / Apache 1.3.19
     and there squares everywhere on the page from what I can see

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Subject: PHP 4.0 Bug #9849 Updated: Square boxes?
Author:  [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bug Database) at INTERNET
Date:    3/19/01 4:44 PM

ID: 9849
Updated by: torben
Old-Status: Open
Status: Feedback
Bug Type: Documentation problem
Assigned To:
Um...which square boxes, exactly? :) The user notes, the 
warnings, the tables, what? It sort of sounds like making the 
boxes less square would solve your problem, but I honestly 
doubt that it's square boxes which are causing your problem.
Which information did you find useless and/or misleading? If 
you can give us a better handle on the problems you're having 
it'll be easier to fix.
Previous Comments:
[2001-03-19 17:25:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Is there a reason there are so many square blocks of useless data on this websit
I'm trying to install PHP/Apache and get a Core dump everytime I try to start Ap
ache. I think it may be due to  a step that's not clearly documented on the PHP 
website because of these square boxes replacing actual, useful data [which I can
not see].
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