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A few thoughts on this subject...

Anyone should be able to comment on any bug report.

Anyone who comments on a bug report (that is not a developer) should get
an email when the status of the bug changes, or a new comment is posted
to the bug.  The developers list might be subscribers to php-dev.

A special kind of comment, "Add me to the bug's interest list" should
be supported that does not trigger a message, and just adds you to the

Anyone on the interest list for a bug that is declared a duplicate
should be added to the interest list for the bug that it duplicates so
that everyone interested in the problem gets notified when something
happens.  Duplicate email addresses should be eliminated.  An email
should be sent to the interest list of the duplicate telling them that
the bug is a duplicate, what bug it duplicates, and that they will still
be notified when anything changes.

Rick Widmer
Internet Marketing Specialists

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