> I did as you suggested and read over the INSTALL file again.  I noticed
> the "with-apxs" option.  Due to my tiredness and my impatience it failed
> to register in my mind that this was one of the required options for use
> w/ Apache, so I hadn't added it.  I recompiled again using that option and
> sure enough, I have the required files.  But I have another problem --
> this doesn't directly relate to PHP but perhaps you could answer it.  The
> line that says:
>   LoadModule  mod_php4.c

There is no such line in the INSTALL file.

The INSTALL file says:

4a. Setting up the server. (Dynamic Module)

   The make install command in step 3 should have done most of your
   work for you.  It actually edits your httpd.conf file and tries to
   enable the dynamic PHP module.  To verify this, look for a line that
   looks like this:

      LoadModule php4_module libexec/libphp4.so

   The actual path before the libphp4.so part might differ slightly.  This
   is likely fine.  If you are paranoid you can examine the output from
   the make install step to see where the libphp4.so file was actually put
   and place the full path to this file on this LoadModule line.

   If somewhere in your httpd.conf file you have a ClearModuleList line
   then you also need this line:

      AddModule mod_php4.c

   And finally you need to tell Apache which file extension should trigger
   PHP.  You do this by creating a special mime type and associating it
   with an extension.  We suggest using:

      AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

   You are however free to use any extension you wish, including .html.

   Note!  If a line has a # at the beginning, then it is commented out
   and you need to remove the # for that line to take effect.


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