At 18:20 23/3/2001, Cynic wrote:
>As for the sensible purpose:
>I'm writing phLXR. It's like LXR, except it's written in PHP, for PHP
>programs, and (me being still firmly rooted in the NT world) with
>portability in mind -> no Glimpse. I want the internal PHP stuff (be
>it a function, a "language construct" (who cares? it feels and tastes
>like a function!), or your coffee cup to be links to PHP documentation.
>And the more I can get automagically through a call, the less maintenance
>work will be required from the user.

The language constructs PHP supports aren't a moving target, so there's no 
much sense in having a function that returns them.  You should be quite 
safe hardcoding these constructs in your application.


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