At 12:26 28/3/2001, Wez Furlong wrote:
>Hi All,
>I've been noticing a whole bunch of memory leaks that appear to be coming
>from zend while running a complex script.
>zend_hash.c(202) :  Freeing 0x088D11E4 (20 bytes), script=/wwwroot/view.php
>Last leak repeated 37 times
>./zend_execute.c(2144) :  Freeing 0x089D8E3C (48 bytes),
>zend_variables.c(131) : Actual location (location was relayed)
>Last leak repeated 27 times
>zend_hash.c(291) :  Freeing 0x08A86FD4 (46 bytes), script=/wwwroot/view.php
>Last leak repeated 191 times
>zend_hash.c(461) :  Freeing 0x08A943E4 (76 bytes), script=/wwwroot/view.php
>Last leak repeated 18 times
>plus a load more like it.
>Before I file a bug report, I wanted to see if I could track it down, but
>it's proving difficult.
>The script makes heavy use of PCRE and use of the jstring extension, so my
>money is on one of those two,
>but I can't see anything obvious that might be causing it.
>What concerns me is that it appears that the same pointers are being freed
>multiple times.

How do you see that?  That 'last leak repeated 18 times' doesn't mean the 
pointer got freed 18 times, but rather, that a leak from zend_hash.c(461) 
repeated itself 18 times...

There's no magical way of solving this, other than trying to cut down the 
script to the smallest piece of code that still leaks, and then trying to 
figure out what causes the leak (or sending this cut-down piece of code to 
php-dev for help...)


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