At 03:35 PM 3/29/2001 +0200, Zeev Suraski wrote:
>Note that the situation isn't as bad as you thought - it's not that it's 
>not using the resource mechanism.  It is, if it wasn't, we'd be getting 
>loads of complaints from people running out of descriptors very 
>quickly.  It just uses old, PHP 3 style resources, of type 
>IS_LONG.  They're still destroyed when the request ends, so it's all safe 
>and all.  It simply doesn't use the PHP 4 style, of type IS_RESOURCE, 
>which are actually destroyed when they're no longer needed.  It's a good 
>idea to update this code, but it's not very dangerous the way it is now.

I think you are wrong. Look at the function accept_connect(). You are 
creating a new file descriptor and not saving it anywhere!

>Lars - apparently you got it wrong;  The integers you are getting are 
>*not* file descriptors.  They're resource handles, of type IS_LONG.  They 
>might accidentally correspond to the file descriptors, but it'd be 
>complete coincidence.  In short, regardless of whether we upgrade the file 
>functions to use IS_RESOURCE resources or not, what they return cannot be 
>relied upon as file descriptor numbers, simply because they're not.
>I hope that clears it up...

Not for me :)


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