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>I'm currently updating my CVS tree so I can update the current source with
>something to make sure that stuff opened here is closed at the end of
>it. For this, I'm not too fond of going the resource route for it, simply
>because I know people are more familiar with the C interfaces to
>socket() and friends (I know I'm not alone in this, but if I seem to be,
>feel free to speak up now).. so it makes the interfaces more familiar to
>people who would want to use it (and since I tried to keep the interfaces
>as similar as possible, it also means that people don't have to go running
>to the manual for everything except for the few oddities .. 'man socket'
>will tell you all you need to know about socket() on any decent *nix

It's a pretty clear cut here - keeping the rules of PHP comes before 
similarity to the C interface.  This covers the fact that failure should be 
denoted by a false return value, and that that things such as file or 
socket descriptors should be returned as resource handles.  Having people 
use the UNIX 2/3 man pages to understand what the PHP functions do isn't 
considered a significant benefit - people are likely to check the PHP 
manual and not the UNIX manual anyway (man pages are just another type of a 
manual, hence their name :)
Moving this code to use the standard PHP interface is something that should 
be done for 4.0.6.


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