you say, misconfig of MY system ! how have I to configure it? what do I have 
to install, in order to get rid of that error-message?

I cant image to be the first person, that has this problem... I have a new 
typical installation of win98...

Please help me, I didnt want to bug you.


On Donnerstag, 29. März 2001 14:22, you wrote:
> ID: 10051
> Updated by: jmoore
> Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Old-Status: Open
> Status: Bogus
> Bug Type: *Install and Config
> Assigned To:
> Comments:
> Once again this is not a bug in PHP but a misconfig on your system. If the
> dll is not on your system then PHP cant find it.
> This is not the place to ask questions like this.
> Please see It is also not possible for PHP
> to distribute this libary due to the possible license problems if we were
> to do so. (It would be illegal for us to do so.)
> - James
> Previous Comments:
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> [2001-03-29 07:16:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Look first at ID 9999.                
> I had that problem with php.exe. ERROR: cant find odbc32.dll
> I have downloaded mdac 2.6 SDK (13 MB) and installed it
> (COMPLETE installation), BUT: php.exe still does not find
> odbc32.dll, and I am not surprised, because I cant find it
> manually on my harddisk.
> Why is that f...... library NOT contained in the php4-zip?
> Where can I get it? Please help...
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