wolle wrote:
> you say, misconfig of MY system ! how have I to configure it? what do I have
> to install, in order to get rid of that error-message?
> I cant image to be the first person, that has this problem... I have a new
> typical installation of win98...
> Please help me, I didnt want to bug you.

as you can see by its name, odbc32.dll is not a php library
it is most likely (c) Microsoft so it wouldn't even be legaly
possible to include it in php binary distribution

but you shouldn't expect php to include each and every library
it may support by its extensions anyway, thats why they are called

in this special case i'd guess you have to have some product that
provides ODBC services installed, for example MS Access, MS SQL Server
Client or any other Database Server or Client for MS Windows

so don't blame *us* for missing pieces on *your* system

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