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If a browser breaks RFCs -> not our problem. 


Previous Comments:

[2001-03-30 13:07:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Applied a patch to add Vary: headers if we add a Content-Encoding: header.

Regarding the browser compatibility with Deflate, I think we should just leave it like 
it is.  _They_ break the RFC; encourage people to upgrade to modern, non-broken 
browsers instead ?


[2001-03-29 21:21:53] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
ob_gzhandler doesn't appear to set a Vary: header on
responses, which means that proxy caches could store a
compressed version of the resource and serve it to clients
which can't handle the encoding. This is very difficult to
debug for Web sites, and should be fixed ASAP.

For an example of the proper headers to send, see the PHP at:

Also, in my experience, some versions of MSIE don't handle
deflate compession correctly, even though their
Accept-Encoding claims they do. It might be better to avoid
deflate altogether, as gzip support is pretty much the
unwritten standard.



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