ID: 10132
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: MySQL related
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Are you using PHP 3? Or as you have selected: 4.0.4pl1 ??
If former, please upgrade.

If problem persists after upgrade, reopen this bug report
with shortest possible example script which can be used 
to reproduce this.


Previous Comments:

[2001-04-03 08:49:06] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Err.. ignore me.  That change might or might not be necessary, but that isn't the 
version of mysql I'm on.  Back to the drawing board...?


[2001-04-03 08:39:34] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I've been poking around the source code trying to find a soltion to this, and I'm not 
sure but think I may have found it.  As previously said I'm on MySQL 3.22.23:

>From php_mysql.c line 83:

#if MYSQL_VERSION_ID < 32224
#define PHP_MYSQL_VALID_RESULT(mysql)           
#define PHP_MYSQL_VALID_RESULT(mysql)           

>From the MySQL manual 'Upgrading from 3.22 to 3.23':

mysql_num_fields() can no longer be used on a MYSQL* object (it's now a function that 
takes MYSQL_RES* as an argument. You should now use mysql_field_count() instead. 

My guess based on this is that the 32224 should be changed to 32223 (I have located at 
least one other individual experiencing the same problem with the same version of 


[2001-04-03 06:37:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm getting the following error message when I execute a query (such as an insert) 
that doesn't produce any results:

Warning: MySQL: Unable to save result set in 
/home/web/demo/panet/public/reg_emp_add.php3 on line 45

I have my php error showing level set at '5' in php3.ini, so no warnings should be 
shown at all anyway.

I configured php with the following command:

./configure --with-mysql=/usr --with-apxs --with-gd --enable-sockets --with-zlib 
--with-gnu-ld --enable-memory-limit

MySQL is version 3.23.33 and was installed from an RPM
packed by the MySQL development team.


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