At 09:52 PM 4/3/2001 +0100, James Moore wrote:
>Well, I dont think any of us really know how much damage it will cause. But
>on the other hand we can do this for years and just say well we mustn't
>break backwards compatibility and we will end up with somthing looking and
>behaving like perl. When we have somthing as blantantly wrong as this it
>should be fixed.
>I would question about it being optional in the long term though. If we
>begin to make everything optional then we get to a point where PHP is so
>configurable with enabling this bug here or there it becomes impossible to
>create distribuable scipts that are easy to install and make work (making it
>difficult for commercial companies to create PHP Scripts to sell which is a
>bad thing IMHO).

I also prefer as little as possible to be configurable so that PHP 
applications written on one PHP installation will run on all others. I 
think configurability should be kept at a minimum. However, changing such 
behavior in a mini-version is not obvious. And when you say it's 
"blantantly wrong" the way it works today, well maybe it is, but we both 
know how many people really got bitten by this "blatantly wrong". Very few...


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