> > There was a discussion about things to break in 4.1. magic_quotes_gpc
> > definitely be my favourite. I'd like to see it set to off for good and
> > removed from php.ini.
> I'd be completely against removing the concept of magic_quotes altogether.
> We can discuss changing the default, but for someone writing simple sql
> pages, it is extremely handy to have PHP deal with escaping stuff for you
> so you don't have a bunch of addslashes() calls everywhere.

perhapse all those topics must be decided on a statistical basis. lets name

count of boxes broken if arg_separator is '&;'
count of boxes that dont care about arg_separator default
count of boxes that need arg_separator to be '&;'
count of boxes relying on magic_quotes_gpc
count of boxes that dont care about magic_quotes_gpc
count of boxes that need magic_quotes_gpc set to off

the decision must break least possible count of php setups when they upgrade
to the newest version.

it would be a disaster for people who have a running server/site and
everything or even worse something somewhere goes wrong.

not to speak about hosting providers who upgrade farms of servers. their
users will have to track problems that occur depending on the input data and
mostly in rare cases. i think this will be a negative impact on many sites
making people reluctant to upgrade to newer php versions. php4.0.5 is not
that better that 4.0.x compared to the difference between 3 and 4 to afford
to break existing functionality...


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