Just to reply to myself we are fairly broken here according to rfc 2396 but
if you guys think thats acceptable until 4.1 (whenever that might be) then
thats fine..

Relavant part of RFC:

2.2. Reserved Characters

   Many URI include components consisting of or delimited by, certain
   special characters.  These characters are called "reserved", since
   their usage within the URI component is limited to their reserved
   purpose.  If the data for a URI component would conflict with the
   reserved purpose, then the conflicting data must be escaped before
   forming the URI.

      reserved    = ";" | "/" | "?" | ":" | "@" | "&" | "=" | "+" |
                    "$" | ","

   The "reserved" syntax class above refers to those characters that are
   allowed within a URI, but which may not be allowed within a
   particular component of the generic URI syntax; they are used as
   delimiters of the components described in Section 3.

Do we get complaints about + being turned into spaces (I cant find any
mention of that in the CGI 1.1 spec)?? No people expect it.. people should
expect that all reserved characters are coverted or treated properly (we
should make it clear we are rfc 2396 complaint though). Now wether this
happens now or at 4.1 is the question..


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