On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

>> Why do you see it as a problem? They should be doing their own
>> releases after our releases. ie. They should say that this version
>> works with PHP 4.0.5. People should know that when they get
>> the bleeding edge..it might not work at all.. There have been also
>> other changes (e.g. in Zend) which might break those extensions.
>> So I don't really see this renaming as a big problem.

>I'm not against renaming, I'm warning that CVS and release version
>will use different macros so extensions will be in trouble till next
>release based on HEAD branch.

And again: The people releasing external extensions should make a releases
for certain versions of PHP/Zend as it still is a moving target. IMNSHO.

>If so, why this change didn't find its way into PHP_4_0_5 branch? It was
>done a week ago, at the time of ~ RC3 I think.

So you think we should break the configure now when the release date
is so close? Umm..I really don't understand how THAT would be a good thing
to do. I think it's better to give the developers of those extensions
enough time to make the necessary changes into their code before a PHP
with changed configure is released.

Or are you saying that we should break everything in 4.0.5-BOOM ? :)
(could we have some nice 'codenames' for the releases? Please.. :)


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