Hi Stanislav!
On Wed, 04 Apr 2001, Stanislav Malyshev wrote:

> AG>> By the time we close in on 2038 and UNIX is still around
> AG>> (*smile*) then most UNIX systems will most probably have moved
> AG>> to 64bit timestamps, thus requiring in the best place just a
> AG>> recompilation of your PHP binary and in the worse case if you
> AG>> saved binary file stamps to a file, some kind of conversion
> AG>> script. It's not as bad as the Y2K bug (which wasn't too bad:)
> Well, seeing that most Unix concepts are alive from 60-70th till today,
> they'll probably be there in 2038. And I'm not sure all systems will be
> upgraded by then. But I would probably be retired already by then, so why
> should I care? ;)
Haven't you seen "Cowboys in space?" 
you will be called back to save the world from Y-0x07f6 Bug!

-- teodor

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