I too have seen this, but I assumed it you had to
put a random salt key in.  I picked the system
mseconds and put that in a random seed to get a
random salt key.  I was also on Solaris 2.6.
Simple work around if its not supposed to work
that way.

On 5 Apr 2001 18:57:45 -0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

>ID: 8834
>Updated by: sniper
>Old-Status: Open
>Status: Feedback
>Bug Type: Strings related
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>This is most likely a Solaris specific issue as I can't 
>reproduce this on Linux. 
>Can you please include the output of this command in both
>Solaris 2.4 and 2.6 (in php4):
># grep RAND main/php_config.h
>It might be that in both of those system the seed generator
>found is srand() which isn't so good as srandom() is.
>But I also found (with google :) that srandom() might not be
>that good either (in Solaris) so that leaves us with a problem. 
>One solution might be that we run php_srand() in RINIT instead of MINIT when Solaris 
>is used.
>Previous Comments:
>[2001-01-22 06:05:34] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>PHP compiled as Apache module. Look like crypt() starts from not random salt. In case 
>of my Solaris 2.4, first 
crypt() call always generates string starting from "IH". In case of Solaris 2.6 it 
always starts from "C.". 
>Looks like in every instantiation of new Apache process PHP starts crypt from the 
>same salt value.
>In the same process next crypt() calls look like they generate random strings, 
>though. But next process restarts 
with the same value.
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