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This is most likely a Solaris specific issue as I can't 
reproduce this on Linux. 
Can you please include the output of this command in both
Solaris 2.4 and 2.6 (in php4):

# grep RAND main/php_config.h

It might be that in both of those system the seed generator
found is srand() which isn't so good as srandom() is.

But I also found (with google :) that srandom() might not be
that good either (in Solaris) so that leaves us with a problem. 

One solution might be that we run php_srand() in RINIT instead of MINIT when Solaris 
is used.


Previous Comments:

[2001-01-22 06:05:34] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
PHP compiled as Apache module. Look like crypt() starts from not random salt. In case 
of my Solaris 2.4, first crypt() call always generates string starting from "IH". In 
case of Solaris 2.6 it always starts from "C.". 

Looks like in every instantiation of new Apache process PHP starts crypt from the same 
salt value.

In the same process next crypt() calls look like they generate random strings, though. 
But next process restarts with the same value.


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