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Works for me just fine with latest RC of PHP 4.0.5 and latest CVS. And I have the same 
versions of openssl and mod_ssl and I have Curl enabled.

Please try the latest snapshot:


Previous Comments:

[2001-04-06 00:48:50] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Latest information. If I remove with-curl out from the configuration and rebuild PHP 
the problem no longer appears.

I need the curl functionality to use https within the PHP script to another secure web 


[2001-04-05 21:07:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am running Apache 3.1.19 with mod_ssl-2.8.2-1.3.19 and OpenSSl-0.9.6 for SSL 

Using https from my Internet Explorer 5.0 browser causes the requested web page to be 
returned after a very long wait, .eg more than 20 minutes maybe longer. Subsequent 
retrieval takes as long too.

If I have PHP disabled by removing the LoadModule and AddModule directive https works 
immediately however when I reinstate the PHP modules I would experience the problem 

Other scenario :-

  1. retrieved a https page with my browser without PHP    (response received 
  2. modify httpd.conf to enable PHP
  3. restarts Apache 
  4. starts a *NEW* browser to retrieve https(waits very long)
  5. using the same browser session in step 1 to retrieve
     again using https(response received immediately)

Also noticed in the Apache errors_log file the following error :-

[Fri    Apr     6       11:46:30        2001]   [notice]        child   pid     2654   
 exit    signal  Segmentation    fault   (11)
[Fri    Apr     6       11:46:36        2001]   [notice]        child   pid     2668   
 exit    signal  Segmentation    fault   (11)
[Fri    Apr     6       11:46:36        2001]   [notice]        child   pid     2667   
 exit    signal  Segmentation    fault   (11)

This is how I configure PHP :-

./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs 



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