Does anyone object to the following patch to the PHP configure system?

It removes the --disable-pear flag in favor of a new --with-pear
option.  The --with-pair option also allows the specification of the
PEAR installation directory at compilation time.  For example:

    ./configure --with-pear=/var/www/pear

... would install the PEAR hierarchy in /var/www/pear.  The new PEAR
directory is also added to the default 'include_path', too (that
behavior isn't really new, but it's a lot more useful now that the
PEAR location can be specified at compile time).

Jon Parise ([EMAIL PROTECTED])  .  Rochester Inst. of Technology  :  Computer Science House Member
RCS file: /repository/php4/,v
retrieving revision 1.230
diff -u -r1.230
---        2001/04/06 16:01:20     1.230
+++        2001/04/07 04:37:06
@@ -592,12 +592,25 @@
-PHP_ARG_ENABLE(pear,whether to install PEAR,
-[  --disable-pear          Do not install PEAR],yes)
-if test "$PHP_PEAR" = "yes"; then
-  PEAR_DIR=pear
+AC_MSG_CHECKING(where to install PEAR)
+[  --with-pear[=DIR]       Install PEAR hierarchy],
+  if test "$withval" != "no"; then
+       PEAR_DIR=pear
+       if test "$withval" = "yes"; then
+               PEAR_INSTALLDIR="/usr/local/lib/php"
+       else
+               PEAR_INSTALLDIR="$withval"
+       fi
+  else
+       AC_MSG_RESULT("PEAR will not be installed")
+  fi
+       PEAR_INSTALLDIR="/usr/local/lib/php"

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