On Sun, Apr 08, 2001 at 06:21:50PM -0400, Stig Sther Bakken wrote:

> 1. Using --datadir to determine where PEAR PHP files go.  With
>    --datadir=/usr/share or --datadir=/usr/share/php, PHP architecture
>    independent files go to /usr/share/php, and PEAR's PHP files go to
>    /usr/share/php/pear.
>    I've added your --with-pear option to override this.
> 2. Using --libdir to determine where extensions go.  With
>    --libdir=/usr/lib or --libdir=/usr/lib/php, extensions are
>    installed in /usr/lib/php/<APIVER>.  I've also shortened the
>    <APIVER> part so "no-debug" and "non-zts" are skipped.  The 
>    alternatives are now "20001222", "20001222-zts", "20001222-debug"
>    and "20001222-zts-debug".

Both of these sounds good to me.
> 3. Using --sysconfdir to determine php.ini path.  The default is now
>    $prefix/etc.

Would this be a replacement for --with-config-file-path?
> 4. The CGI version of PHP is always built and installed.

I assume that would --bindir, right?
> Let me know if you have any problems with these changes.  They should
> make it a lot easier for distributions to build PHP, because we
> conform more to de-facto build conventions (at least on Linux).  Also
> you won't have to re-run configure and make to build the CGI in order
> to run tests, the PEAR installer etc.

I think you're proposed changes cover a lot more (useful) ground than
my simple patch.  Go for it! =)

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