Sascha Schumann wrote:
> No.  The alternative is to pass --enable-cgi on the command-line.


This doesn't work (nor is it listed in the --help options to configure)
I mean to compile a CGI and APXS DSO in a single compile, not two.  My
understanding is that only one SAPI module can be selected at a time
right now.  I would love to stand corrected; it's one of my prime
problems with the OpenBSD port right now.

> If the administrator installs it unknowingly, the CGI might
> get installed with inproper permissions which lead to
> potential security problems.

It's not SUID, so what's the problem?  A clear note in the NEWS file
that this behaviour has changed should be enough for administrators of
chrooted or otherwise secured systems (if they blindly update without
examining changes, then they aren't running a very tight ship anyway).

> I respect the wishes of the QA
> team, but please don't force your will upon all PHP users in
> exchange for a bit of convenience.

If PHP doesn't start installing a CGI by default, then PEAR is going to
have a few problems - its installer depends on that CGI.  And how many
end users actually run regression tests right now?  If the CGI is there
in /usr/local/bin, then a lot more users can do this, instead of just
the small QA team.  CPAN feedback from 'make test' must be quite useful
to them ...


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