I've been looking everywhere for a good reference of how to read and
update arrays.  The Zend documentation
(www.zend.com/apidoc) has descriptions of how to create
an array, and how to add elements to it, but I can't find anything on how
to simply read the values of an array.

Mostly I want to write two functions:
1.  Accept a provided 2 dimensional array and loop through
    every element, by primary index then an inner loop by the second index,
    sequentially.  I need to extract from the array the two keys and the
   value.  The keys will not be sequential, at least the primary.

2.  Build a 2-d array, basically the reverse of 1 above.  Build an array
     with specific primary and secondary indexes.  Again keys will not
    be sequential.

To make matters worse, I'd like the keys to be either integer or strings.

I've looked through the zend_hash.h header, and a few functions look
likely (zend_hash_move_forward, zend_hash_get_current_key).

But its hard knowing if these are the best to use and exactly how to use

One more question, very simple.  What is the difference between
zend_hash_find and quick_find?  I assume index_find lets me specify
an integer (ie:  array[3] in C notation).

Have I missed the docs on these functions somewhere?
Thanks for help.

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