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> I've been looking everywhere for a good reference of how to read and
> update arrays.  The Zend documentation
> (www.zend.com/apidoc) has descriptions of how to create
> an array, and how to add elements to it, but I can't find anything on how
> to simply read the values of an array.
> Mostly I want to write two functions:
> 1.  Accept a provided 2 dimensional array and loop through
>     every element, by primary index then an inner loop by the second index,
>     sequentially.  I need to extract from the array the two keys and the
>    value.  The keys will not be sequential, at least the primary.
> 2.  Build a 2-d array, basically the reverse of 1 above.  Build an array
>      with specific primary and secondary indexes.  Again keys will not
>     be sequential.
> To make matters worse, I'd like the keys to be either integer or strings.
> I've looked through the zend_hash.h header, and a few functions look
> likely (zend_hash_move_forward, zend_hash_get_current_key).

Those are the ones you want, plus zend_hash_get_current_data.

> But its hard knowing if these are the best to use and exactly how to use
> them.
> One more question, very simple.  What is the difference between
> zend_hash_find and quick_find?  I assume index_find lets me specify
> an integer (ie:  array[3] in C notation).

The only difference is that zend_hash_find is smart about numeric
string indexes.  For example, if the array has a key with the integer
value 4, doing zend_hash_find after the string key "4" will still find
it.  zend_hash_quick_find doesn't do this.

> Have I missed the docs on these functions somewhere?

I don't think so? :-)

 - Stig

  Stig Sæther Bakken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Fast Search & Transfer ASA, Trondheim, Norway

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