First, I know this behaviour exists since the early PHP3 days.

Would it be an option to extend mysql_(p)connect to return new
links instead of allready created one with a new, optional
parameter ? Like :

int mysql_connect ([string hostname [:port] [:/path/to/socket] [, 
                   string username [, string password [, boolean new_link]]]])

Because it doesn't exists yet I guess there aren't many
complaining about this. But sometimes, especially when writing
desktop client applications, this default, non changeable
behaviour can really be a big problem. Currently I would use this
feature to build a PHP-GTK application featuring multiple
connection to multiple databases at once. Every connection has
its own playground ( == window). So having two connections open for
working with the same database with all arguments beeing the same,
closing a link in one window also closes the link from the
other window :(

thanks for listening, 


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