It should be completely transparent (well, provided you're not using the 
new in-CVS feature of unbuffered queries).  With no drawbacks, and a fair 
advantage, it's a better way to go than establish a new link.
The current implementation suffers from a limitation, in which closing one 
of the links will invalidate all of the handles that point to that 
link.  It's a bug, though, and I intend to fix it for 4.0.6.


At 15:32 13/4/2001, Markus Fischer wrote:
>On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 11:23:15PM +0200, Markus Fischer wrote :
> > Would it be an option to extend mysql_(p)connect to return new
> > links instead of allready created one with a new, optional
> > parameter ? Like :
> >
> > int mysql_connect ([string hostname [:port] [:/path/to/socket] [,
> >                    string username [, string password [, boolean 
> new_link]]]])
>         I just wanted to add that this behaviour may apply to
>other databases, I dont know, but I verified it with current
>oracle implementation and it does not behave the same as mysql
>does. A new link identifier is created with every call to
>OCILogon wether the arguments are the same or not.
>The oci8 extension does not use a cache of established links
>which is the right thing IMHO. Or, yes you could definitly add
>caching established links here too (if its programmatically
>possible ...) but should have the option whether to do so or not.
>someone sharing my ideas ?
>         Markus
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