>     On the implementation side, I'm not convinced of the
>     usefulness of such a change.  The way libphp4.la is built
>     directly depends upon the chosen SAPI module (thread-safety,
>     shared/static).  As of today, there are only a few possible
>     combinations.  From day-to-day experience, I have yet to see
>     an installation where web-servers run parallelly (and which
>     use PHP/require the same build options).

FWIW, 99% of the time when I build PHP I build the Apache module and the CGI
at the same time with the same ./configure scripts.  The module is for the
website and the CGI is for cron scripts, inetd daemons, etc..

I am very much in favour of a way to compile both at once.

- Colin

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