I think having a CGI (command line) version of PHP built in any case is a 
very useful thing. I would just make it build with the same options as the 
rest. So if we build a non-threadsafe Apache 1.3.x module I would also 
build a non-threadsafe command line version (just in case the person feels 
like using it).  If you build a thread-safe version then we can build a 
thread-safe command line version.
All it really requires is compiling cgi_main.c with the same flags and 
linking it to the libphp4.la
I just think it's a useful thing to have. I wouldn't complicate this into 
allowing people to build both Apache & thttpd versions with the same "make" 
command. I think people are really interested in just having a command line 
& web server version.

At 02:58 PM 4/13/2001 +0300, Boian Bonev wrote:

> > > With some more minor restructuring, we can then let people build _all_
> > > sapi modules in one go if they like.
> >     Without careful consideration, I would not say that it would
> >     require only minor restructuring.  If we would implement that
> >     change, it would have a direct effect upon the installation
> >     procedure of PHP.  That is not a problem with online
> >     documentation, but what about printed manuals and the dozens
> >     of books on PHP?  I'd be very hesitant to change anything
> >     here which would render those descriptions invalid.
>if a backwards compatible configure command line is kept valid why not? if
>the sapi module(s) to install becomes a list of --with-somesapi it would not
>break neighter descriptions nor saved built scripts.
> >     On the implementation side, I'm not convinced of the
> >     usefulness of such a change.  The way libphp4.la is built
> >     directly depends upon the chosen SAPI module (thread-safety,
> >     shared/static).  As of today, there are only a few possible
> >     combinations.  From day-to-day experience, I have yet to see
> >     an installation where web-servers run parallelly (and which
> >     use PHP/require the same build options).
>there are two ways of building libphp4.la - thread safe and not thread safe.
>let us say libphp4.la and libphp4ts.la. the rest is just a linker option or
>am i missing something? i think the idea to separate the sapi stuff from the
>rest of php is not that bad - you build php once (or twice for TS) and then
>link to sapi modules at will.
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