By correct dir, I meant the last php build and install. Is there a common scenario 
where there is multiple php binaries that share
/usr/local/lib/php/extensions? I guess I could see one where I would installing a ZTS 
webserver sapi module
and a non-zts cgi.

Another discrepancy is that php installs modules in multiple long paths, but it 
expects php.ini to be the same in every compile
(unless redefined).

What about the possibility of the php.ini file being built and installed with the 
correct extension_dir=long_path for the current


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Subject: RE: [PHP-DEV] possible --extension-dir directive?

> On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Jason Greene wrote:
> > If not this idea, what about a symbolic link for 
>/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/current to the correct dir?
>     There is no single correct dir.  We would not need this long
>     path, if there would be such a directory which is correct in
>     all circumstances.
>     - Sascha                                     Experience IRCG

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