RC6 is actually not a branch but a tag, so there's no way to merge anything 
into it (other than moving the tag, which is usually not a good idea).

Anything else pending for 4.0.5?  Otherwise I'll put out RC7 and get this 
release over with...


At 11:05 18/4/2001, Derick Rethans wrote:
>On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, Alexander Feldman wrote:
> > I fixed the pipes problem and commited the fix in the main branch and in
> > the PHP_4_0_5 one. Should I merge it also in php_4_0_5RC6 as well? This
> > merging/branching always inserts happiness in my life...
>The RC6 branch has already released, so it's no use to merge it into this
>branch as well.
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