On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Tom wrote:
> I run websites on server farms - and am usually faced with difficulties as a 
> result of the PHP configuration being at the whim of the ISV staff - 
> especially when version upgrades are made - they frequently fail to include 
> all the needed -with- and -enable- statements.
> If (my assumption) WDDX is now 'native' to PHP --- is there a way to have it 
> always included in the build, as opposed to rely on it being included in the 
> configure command line?
> Else is there a way to allow it to be turned on through either the php.ini 
> file or though the .htaccess technique?
> Caveat - I have tried to use both php.ini and .htaccess to asccomplish this 
> ((on v4.04pl1)) but was unsuccessful.  If should have worked the please 
> describe what I _should_ have done -or- if it's a prob with that 'version' 
> only please advise.

You can build it as a shared library and load it via php.ini.

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