ID: 10411
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
Description: number_format returns wrong values

That was just a typo on my part entering the information 
here.  The bug still exists, and I think it specifically 
has to do with values set as float,2 from MySQL. It doesn't 
happen every time, but I have seen this on at least 5 
occasions now (in 5 different sets of code).

I can recreate it within my code, but you don't want me to 
paste my code (its all intermingled in a 600 lines of 

check it out specifically using values pulled from MySQL 
with a type of float,2.

Here's the kicker, if I do something like 
$total=number_format($totals,2); print $total; the bug 
exists...if I do print number_format($totals,2) it works 

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-19 17:53:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Try changing:
$total = number_format($calcs_a + calcs_b,2);
$total = number_format($calcs_a + $calcs_b,2);
(Note the missing $)

Works just fine here with that small adjustment.


[2001-04-19 17:35:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
number_format returns wrong values in certain situations, 
here is a code example...

$value = 504;
$calcs_a = number_format($value,2);

$othervalue = 504;
$calcs_b = number_format($othervalue,2);

$total = number_format($calcs_a + calcs_b,2);

this returns:
$calcs_a is 504.00
$calcs_b is 504.00
$total is 1.00  (should be 1008.00)

I have seen this on several occasions now on multiple 


Full Bug description available at:

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