At 17:24 24/4/2001, Andi Gutmans wrote:
>Well you want me to merge the foreach() fix then? I don't because I prefer 
>it being tested for a while so that we don't have a pl1.

The plan is to release 4.0.5 four days after RC8.

>I don't think we fix all crash bugs every release. Mainly buffer overflows 
>are dangerous. Not double free()'s or de-referencing NULL pointers. But of 
>course, a lot of crashes are potentially dangerous but we would never have 
>any releases if we'd make sure that there's no chance PHP can crash, ever.

A known, easily reproducible crash is always more dangerous...  I have no 
doubt that PHP's code base includes quite a few different crashes today, 
but at least they're not known.


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