On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

>An easily reproducable segfault in a common PHP extension is a serious
>issue which could lead to potential security breaches and thus lots of bad
>mojo from nasty bugtraq postings.  If we know about such a segfault and we
>have a fix and go ahead and release a "stable" package without this fix
>then our entire QA process is a joke.  If we find such bugs before a
>release, we fix them.  That's what the process is for.

Have you checked the bug database lately?
There are 43 open reports with bug type 'Reproducible crash'.
There are actually even more of them. I can easily reproduce
at least 10 bugs which cause segfaults. Those haven't been fixed yet.
Those haven't been fixed for a couple of releases now.
So, with your logic, we shouldn't release before all of them are fixed?

(of course some of these crashes aren't any bugs in PHP. e.g. the IMAP
extension. The c-client that it relies on isn't really that stable. )

The QA process as it is IS a joke. Without the support from the developers
there aren't any possible ways that it can ever succeed.
It isn't the QA people who fix bugs. They just test and report to developers
who should FIX those bugs. Some core developers seem to have forget this..

On the other hand, there have been dozens of crash fixes + other
fixes in current RC. So why can't we release it, make many people
happy and start the release cycle (for 4.0.6) ? And what prevents us
from releasing new versions every month? As the QA process
is a joke we can skip that anyway... :-p

I haven't seen ANY stable releases yet..where are those kept? :)
I have only seen release after release that PHP gets more and more
new features (with old buggy ones) and with new bugs.

What I would like to see now is a code freeze so that people would have
to start fixing bugs instead of creating new features. Otherwise this
really is a neverending circle. But this will never happen, I guess.
Could we vote for this? :)

I know it's more fun to create something new. But at least for
me it's a matter of honour that my code works as it's intented to..you
seem to disagree.


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