I would like to see a timeout function implemented in PHP (something like
Perl's alarm function would be perfect). I notice there is a
set_time_limit() function in PHP, but it cannot be applied to a specified
block of code (it applies to the entire script) and it causes a fatal error
when the timeout is reached (instead of letting you run some alternate code
if the timeout is reached).

I would like to solve this by contributing to the PHP source, but I am not
much of a programmer. I just know a bit of Perl and am pretty familiar with
PHP. I have learned some C++ and I understand that C is similar to Perl. Is
the PHP interpreter written in C? Maybe I could contribute. Where can I find
details on getting a CVS account for PHP development? I am willing to learn
and contribute.

Jason Sims
Senior Editor & System Administrator
Inside Mac Games

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