At 00:40 26.4. 2001, Matt McClanahan wrote the following:
>Some more bug comments.  They all look like they can be closed to me:
>User is expecting the default link identifier to switch back to $db after
>he closed $db2, which isn't how it works.  Not a bug.

he says it used to work, and I think it *should* work - it'd make 
coding in such situations easier. if someone feels this is not a bug
they should at least mark it 'feature request'.

>I don't know what we're supposed to do with this one.  Should be solved
>in a support forum (php-general, php-db, php-install...), since it's
>probably not a bug.

can't help with this one.

>Don't see what the problem is.  A delete query won't return an error if
>there were no rows to delete.

I have already marked this bogus.

>The function does check that mysql_fetch_assoc's second parameter is one of
>MYSQL_*, but it doesn't check the type of variable being converted to a
>long.  Could add an (*arg2)->type == IS_LONG check, but would this be
>inconsistent with behavior in much of the other code that accepts this
>sort of type conversion?  I'd just leave it as it is, since it's not
>hurting anything.

mysql_fetch_assoc() is supposed to take only one argument, this _is_ a bug,
although a cosmetic one.

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