> At 09:41 PM 4/26/2001 +0200, Hojtsy Gabor wrote:
> > > > This is a question for the php-dev people too.
> > > > What are the other hidden features not documented
> > > > like this?
> > >
> > > Check the code.  This is simply a legacy feature there only for backward
> > > compatibility and should not be documented as we don't want people writing
> > > new scripts that use cfunction.
> >
> >Then why it is used in some scripts in the test dir
> >in the distribution?
> It shouldn't be. I'll fix those.

Leave one, at least.  We want to know if this breaks.  At some point we
will want to remove the feature from php, and then we can remove the test
case.  But let's not remove testcases without removing the feature.  The
test scripts are not meant as examples for users.


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