> >Leave one, at least.  We want to know if this breaks.  At some point we
> >will want to remove the feature from php, and then we can remove the test
> >case.  But let's not remove testcases without removing the feature.  The
> >test scripts are not meant as examples for users.
> It won't break and if it does, all the better :)
> As you see people do take example from the test cases if they are meant to
> be testcases or not.

Yes, but the thing is there because there are scripts that use it.  If we
break it, then these scripts will break.  Therefore a test case should
remain so we don't break it.  If you are worried about the testcase
setting a bad example, stick a comment in there.  You don't remove test
cases for features just because you don't like them.  If it is part of the
language, it needs to be part of the regression testing.

> I think for 4.1 we should nuke cfunction and possible also old_function.
> Don't forget that cfunction had a very very short live-time in the beta's
> of PHP 3. We made the function<->old_function switch pretty early.

That's a completely separate issue.  And I agree that the feature and the
test case should be removed.


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