I'm having strange problems with a new DL module I'm trying to write.
The most common problem is PHP will coredump after my
module has executed in the module cleanup routines (the Zend routines,
not my module routines).

For instance it will coredump on cleaning up the
10th constant defined by my module.  It cores at
line 643 of zend_hash.c (the pefree line).  Looking
in the debugger, the address looks valid, but free doesn't
like it.  NOTE:  The constants are defined with 
CONST_CS | CONST_PERSISTENT, but taking the Persistent 
out has no effect (the persistent flag is still set in the struct).

If I remove all my constants, or make other alterations
it may core in other but related places inside the cleanup.

I'm doing most of this on Solaris 2.6 (sparc) with the Workshop
compiler (Forte 6.1), but it seems to work ok on Linux and gcc.

I'm not to the point of calling this a Zend bug and
opening a bug report, but I'm hoping to get a few more pointers
of how to proceed.  I haven't tried compiling the module
yet directly into PHP.  I'm rechecking my compile flags,
for example I added -KPIC to the compile but that didn't help.

BTW, the base PHP I'm building against is 4.0.4p2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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