Andi Gutmans wrote:
> Did you compile with debug on or off?
> Please try without debug in both PHP and your module and let us know if
> something changes.
> Also can you try and load it via php.ini ( and not with
> dl().

I rebuilt php 4.0.4p1 with debug off, rebuilt my module with debug off,
and switched from using DL to the extension load in the php.ini.
Unfortunately I still get the same coredump at the same line, just
a different constant.

As before I can step though it with the debugger and the address
it cores in is viewable and has data.

My gut is telling me its a build problem.  Some address not aligned
right or something.  For example shouldn't the -KPIC have been
used in the build argument list to libtool?

But yet, in a seperate install without my new module the
same version of php on the same machine is running in production
very stable. 

Any ideas?

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